Are all the Collagens the Same?

Jan 11 , 2019


Are all the Collagens the Same?

Are All Collagens the Same?

Author: Chelan Wilkins RHN

Are all Collagens the same? – How to choose the right collagen product.

You by now have heard the buzz, read the articles and have seen the news on TV- Collagen is the talk of the health industry, and so it should be! Collagen packs a bunch of numerous health benefits ranging from healthy skin, hair and nails to slowing down the effect of osteoarthritis, reducing joint injuries and even speeding up bone fractures. Let’s also not forget that Collagen contains over 17 different amino acids, making it the cleanest source of protein that you can uptake in the body as well as its incredible benefits to help heal “ leaky gut” and other digestive disturbances. However, with all these amazing benefits and all the talk how do you know which “ brand “ of collagen or type you should take? Collagen supplements have grown over the last two years, and now there are more choices, hefty price tags and often confused consumers on which one is right for them.

Let’s begin with the fact that not all collagens are the same! There are various types of collagen supplements out there that contain specific types of collagen. Make sure to read up on what kind of collagen benefits for your body you want to achieve and start your research on products from there! ( check out Organika’s website or link below for more information on various types of collagen ).

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Next, do your research on the products that you are looking at! I have a few tips for understanding which Collagen supplement is ideal and why I choose to use Organika’s Enhanced Collagen daily.

1) Where is the Collagen sourced from?

This is a fundamental question as you want to ensure that the Collagen you are consuming Is coming from a good and reputable source. Ensure the product and the company producing it are taking measures to make sure it is sustainably sourced to prevent harm to the environment and other species as well as being conscious about overfishing and fish farming. Choosing grass-fed bovine free of hormones, and antibiotics as well as approved farms for chicken sources. Ensuring the company has certifications in good manufacturing, high-quality standards for quality and potency as well having tested their product for heavy metals are also very important.

2) Is this product approved by Health Canada?

When it comes down to choosing supplements, it is essential to ensure that the product you are wanting contains an NPN ( Natural Product Number). This is an 8 digit number you can find on the packaging/bottle that is issued once the product has been sent to Health Canada to ensure it is safe for consumption. Natural health products in other countries often do not need to go through this process and is this step is significant to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

3.) Is the Collagen Hydrolyzed?

When you want to supplement with Collagen, make sure to check if it has gone through the hydrolyzation process (an enzymatic process ) that breaks it down into a peptide. The reason that this is essential for Collagen is that Collagen is a large molecule naturally and is hard for the body to absorb. The hydrolyzation process breaks it down into a smaller molecular weight, therefore, making the most absorbable form of protein that you can uptake in the body and more bioavailable. Some Collagen containing products or other collagens on the market that have not gone through this process have a more substantial molecular weight making it harder for the body to absorb and utilize.

When it comes down to choosing your collagen supplements, as I mentioned above – select a product based on the health benefits that you are looking. Use these helpful tips when going to purchase your purchase your product and if you still need more information, check out the companies website to read reviews and articles relating to them.

With the various types of collagens on the market – it can be overwhelming; however, knowledge is power, and it is essential to understand and know exactly what you are putting in your body.


For more information on Organika’s Collagen line, I highly suggest checking out the other blogs, articles, recipes, and information.


-Chelan Wilkins, RHN- Busy mother of two, and Organika’s National Education Trainer.


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