Constant cough? Find out if you need Respirafect or RespiraCleanse

Dec 10 , 2018


Constant cough? Find out if you need Respirafect or RespiraCleanse

by St. Francis

Constant coughing and respiratory congestion can make daily life feel like a marathon. If you find yourself out of breath after walking just a few steps, or suffering a coughing fit each time you have a laugh, it might be time to give your lungs some herbal love. Medicinal herbs have long been used to clear the lungs, relieve respiratory symptoms, soothe cough, and lower tissue inflammation. But choosing the right herbs (or herbal blend) is a crucial part of the process – here's what you need to know about choosing the right herbal remedy between our two popular blends: Respirafect and RespiraCleanse.  

When to use Respirafect® for cough 

Respirafect is a herbal formula geared toward treating infections in the respiratory tract, like when you're in the throes of the common cold or bronchitis. With a blend of usnea, osha, plantain, elecampane, mullein, licorice, and echinacea, Respirafect fights lung and bronchial infection, reduces inflammation, and helps expel sticky mucus.  

Infection-fighting herbs in this blend include usnea, used in traditional Western herbalism to help relieve upper respiratory infections symptoms, along with exceptional infection fighter echinacea, effective in treating streptococcal infections among others. 

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When to use RespiraCleanse® for cough 

RespiraCleanse is a herbal formula designed to soothe coughing and chronic lung problems, such as lingering cough from a previous infection or lung irritation. A blend of mullein, horehound, plantain, red clover, elecampane, marshmallow, lobelia, and ginger, RespiraCleanse acts as an anti-tussive (quieting dry, non-productive cough) and as an effective expectorant (to thin and loosen mucus to clear airways and help you breathe better). 

Cough is instantly soothed by the herbal combination of lung-healing mullein, commonly used for asthma, along with horehound which acts specifically on dry, spasmodic, non-productive cough. Soothing, demulcent marshmallow relieves inflammation and irritation. 

Should you use both Respirafect and RespiraCleanse, at the same time? 

Is there a time when both remedies should be used together? Absolutely! After all, infectious respiratory conditions are usually accompanied by their go-to sidekick: dry, irritated cough. Combining both herbal remedies is an ideal approach when you're dealing with a respiratory infection that brings about symptoms like dry cough, shortness of breath, and congestion. Fight the infection with Respirafect while RespiraCleanse effectively soothes coughing. 

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