How to Use Collagen Powder in Your Daily Routine

Jul 30 , 2020


How to Use Collagen Powder in Your Daily Routine

How To Use Collagen Powder in Your Daily Routine

Written by Rhia Martine

For 20-something females like myself, there are so many health and wellness products out there these days that claim the ability to improve our beauty health in various ways from adding shine to our hair, creating strong healthy nails, and clearing up skin imperfections for a healthy glow. The problem with there being so many options is that it can be difficult to find the right products without ending up with a cupboard full of items and a personal care schedule longer than any busy millennial has time for...

Luckily there’s one supplement that we can add into our daily lives in some simple ways to help with the health of our skin, nails, and hair while also providing so many other benefits like improved gut health and joint support. This super supplement is collagen!

Collagen is my all-time favorite health product and is something I incorporate into my life every day. What I love about this supplement, aside from all the amazing benefits, is how versatile and simple it is to add to your health routine. Here are 4 ways I add collagen into my everyday life.

Collagen Coffee
Coffee already has some awesome health benefits including antioxidant properties and improving mental clarity and athletic performance, but it can also be irritating on the gut due to its acidity. Luckily, by adding collagen in, we can support our gut health as the amino acids present can help with repairing the gut lining.

Cooking with Collagen Powder
One of my favorite healthy kitchen hacks is adding collagen to recipes as it is tasteless and colorless, so do not affect the look or flavor of your food, while still providing some amazing health benefits. I normally add 1-2 tablespoons of collagen powder to things like sauces, soups, and oats as well as to the batter of any baking recipes.

Bone Broth
Bone broth is a nutritious broth that is packed with collagen protein, amino acids, and some essential vitamins and minerals.

Although I love to make homemade bone broth, I also love using the Organika Chicken Bone Broth for a more convenient option. It’s delicious to simply make in a mug and sip on but is also perfect for using in any recipe that calls for broth.

Supporting Your Body’s Natural Collagen Production
Incorporating some amino acid-rich whole foods into your diet can help support your body's natural collagen production. Some options I like are wild-caught fish and shellfish, beans, free-range chicken and eggs, and grass-fed beef. I also ensure to consume a variety of fresh produce containing vitamin C such as citrus fruits, berries, bell peppers, and tomatoes which is also needed for collagen production.

Thanks to collagen’s versatility, there are endless ways you can use it and no matter how you choose to add some collagen into your daily life, your body will thank you for all the amazing benefits!

Rhia Martine is a nutrition coach, wellness blogger, and nurse helping millennials improve their energy levels and lives through balanced nutrition. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island and can often be found camping with her fiancé and exploring local trails and beaches or home creating new recipes and blog posts.

Find her on Instagram @rhiamartine or visit her blog!

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