Is Marine Collagen the Fountain of Youth?

Dec 03 , 2018


Is Marine Collagen the Fountain of Youth?

Is Marine Collagen the Fountain of Youth?
By Chelan Wilkins, RHN, for Organika

Is Marine Collagen the Fountain of Youth? With over 300 varieties of Collagen supplements on the market today, the most-claimed kind of Collagen linked to beauty, anti-ageing and overall skin health is Marine Collagen!

What is Marine Collagen known for?

Marine Collagen is abundant in Type 1 collagen which is known for healthy skin, hair and nails. It is one of the first few types of hydrolyzed collagens that came on the market with a hefty price tag.  With claims of reversing the signs of ageing, improving skins elasticity and even contributing to the health of our joints, Marine Collagen was a frontier in the growth of a highly talked about Collagen market today.

Compared to other Collagen supplements on the market today sourced from bovine Organika Enhanced Collagen, porcine or even bone broth – Marine Collagen still holds the higher standard to some for beauty benefits for a variety of reasons.

Why do you ask? Well, let us compare!

Marine Collagen vs. Bovine Collagen

Organika’s latest Collagen launch, Marine Collagen, is jam-packed full of Collagen – around 10 grams to be exact –of the most highly absorbable and bioavailable form of Type 1 collagen sourced from the scales of sustainably sourced cod from Korea. It is 100% hydrolyzed, GMO-free, and flavourless and odourless collagen powder with over 15 different amino acids.

It is within this collagen amino acid profile that we see the benefits, as Collagen proves to be unique in its molecular structure and amino acid profile. Although Marine Collagen (bovine as well) is rich in Type 1 collagen, Marine only contains type 1 collagen; it is the Glycine and Hydroxyproline which are both amino acids that benefit the elasticity of our skin, moisture levels and overall health.  Hydroxyproline has also been shown to increase our collagen production within our body by up to 50%, proving to be a beneficial co-factor in collagens’ amino acid profile.

When comparing Marine Collagen to Bovine Collagen, the health benefits are the same. Both are excellent for skin health, healthy hair and nails as well as essential for joint health and even our digestive tract.  Both bovine and marine collagen share a similar amino acid profile, however, bovine naturally contains two additional amino acids and has a higher protein count per serving compared to marine collagen. Bovine is 15 grams of protein per 2 tbsp; Marine is 9 grams of protein per 2 tbsp. When it comes down to the absorption of collagen within our body – hydrolyzation is an essential factor.

Collagen is a large molecule, so making sure the source of collagen, whether it be from fish or bovine, hydrolyzed collagen makes it more absorbable and bioavailable!  Marine collagen – especially when sourced from fish scales/skins, naturally is a smaller molecule therefor after hydrolyzation the bioavailability of it turns out to be more than bovine or other sources.


Organika’s Pure Marine Collagen

It really comes down to personal preference, dietary restrictions and even allergies when deciding which type of collagen supplement you wanted to consume! I love the idea of combining a variety of collagen supplements (bovine, bone broth, marine and even salmon collagen) for optimal health.  A variety of health benefits that Collagen is responsible for ranges from skin elasticity, the reduction of ageing skin, to improving skins moisture levels and even increasing muscle strength within our body.

Organika’s Pure Marine Collagen stands up to its other collagen family members in overall health benefits, a rich source of Type 1 collagen and an impressive amino acid profile boasting 9 grams of protein per serving (2 tablespoons). An excellent choice if you are following a keto or paleo diet, pescatarian lifestyle or want a Type 1 collagen-rich supplement with optimal absorbability, Organika’s Pure Marine Collagen won’t disappoint.

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