Maca: The Hormone Superfood

Jan 11 , 2019


Maca: The Hormone Superfood

Maca: The Hormone Superfood

Maca: The Hormone Superfood

For those of you who have tried Maca in your smoothies in the morning know the energising benefits that this Peruvian “ginseng” provides; an ancient and historical remedy used by warriors in the Andes Mountains in Peru for years! It has an incredible reputation for providing long-lasting energy, improved clarity and helping cut back on those lattes throughout the day.


Hormone Balance

Another great feature that most don’t know about Maca is its amazing benefits for hormone balancing; a secret within its library of benefits! It is one of the leading nutritional benefits that Maca provides!   Naturally, an adaptogen helps our body adapt to stress. Maca works within our body to lower cortisol levels that have been shown to cause imbalances in our sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and even our DHEA.

Maca is rich in polysaccharides (which is essential to our body to gain energy from the food we eat as well as help with our cell structures ), loaded with antioxidants, dietary fibre, iron, magnesium, selenium and even calcium!  Considered to be a cruciferous vegetable ( think broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), it naturally contains a compound called I-3-C, which is responsible for metabolising excess estrogen in the body and helping balance out progesterone and even testosterone.

In recent studies, Maca has been shown to help with fertility for both men and women by increasing libido, sperm count and quality, as well as assisting with estrogen and progesterone levels in women which all can play a role in infertility.


Another added benefit and often the most talked about when it comes to Maca and its hormonal benefits is its role with menopausal symptoms.  If you are a woman who is peri-menopausal, then your ears may have just perked up as we all know how uncomfortable the night’s sweats, mood swings and irritability and low libido can be. Health care providers often address menopausal symptoms with synthetic hormones and other treatments; however, Maca is excellent support especially for those night sweats and hot flashes for those sufferers!

Estrogen Dominance

Maca alongside menopausal help can be a supporter for those who suffer from a condition called Estrogen Dominance – a situation when the body has too much estrogen and causes like fibroids, endometriosis, painful periods, breast lumps, weight gain, water retention and even depression.

Maca is most definitely a powerhouse of nutrients adaptable for all users; however, when I discuss the benefits with my clients, it is always for its fantastic role in hormone balancing and libido increasing effects for both men and women.

I find the best way to include maca in your daily routine is to try it in powder form, Organika has both capsules and gelatinized powder!  ( I love the maca+cacao ) .  I rotate in smoothies, energy balls or even in my coffee in the morning and have noticed the benefits within a few days!

For more recipes or information in regards to Maca, be sure to check out Organika as well as follow our social media channels!  Lots of great information and recipes!

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