Oil of Oregano – Your Secret Weapon this Cold & Flu Season

Nov 14 , 2018


Oil of Oregano – Your Secret Weapon this Cold & Flu Season

Oil of Oregano – Your Secret Weapon this Cold & Flu Season 

By Patience Lister for Natural Factors

Cold and flu season is in full swing and it’s only a matter of time before your body is faced with the pressure of fighting off sore throats, coughs, and congestion. In addition to frequent hand washing, a nutritious diet, and plenty of rest, Natural Factors Oil of Oregano could be your ticket to escaping the cold and flu season unscathed. Here’s how.

Oil of Oregano for colds

Oregano has been used medicinally as far back as ancient Greece. Herbalists and traditional doctors have been recommending it to relieve respiratory ailments, sinus conditions, and digestive complaints long before it was supported by modern medicine.[1]

Oil of oregano is now recognized as an active antimicrobial and potent antioxidant that can help safeguard from cold and flu symptoms. It provides natural support for the immune system, defends against infectious bacteria, and fights free radicals.

Rosmarinic acid is a key component of oregano oil that contributes to the maintenance of overall health and immune support.[2],[3] A clinical study found that after 21 days of supplementation with rosmarinic acid, the number of defending white blood cells (called neutrophils and eosinophils) in patient nasal fluid had significantly decreased.[2]

Oregano also has one of the highest antioxidant activities of aromatic and culinary herbs.[4]It easily scavenges free radicals to help fight oxidative damage to cells throughout the body.[3],[4]

An essential oil for strep throat

Oregano’s characteristic flavour and aroma – which are deliciously reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine – stem from the high concentration of aromatic compounds in its oil. Carvacrol and thymol are two of its top antibacterial compounds to look for on product labels.[5]Carvacrol in particular, is a promising ingredient for deterring the growth of Group A streptococci, the organisms responsible for strep throat.[6]Laboratory assays show that carvacrol has the ability to kill streptococci cells in as little as one hour of exposure.

A must-have for your medicine cabinet

Today’s oil of oregano products have evolved into convenient liquid or easy-to-swallow softgel formats. Natural Factors Organic Oil of Oregano is made from wild-crafted Origanum vulgareusing gentle steam distillation to ensure purity and a guaranteed minimum of 80% carvacrol. Simply take one softgel daily with food or 4 drops of the liquid format directly under the tongue or mixed with water.

Fresh oregano leaves contain only 1–2% of carvacrol on a weight-by-weight basis, meaning that you would need to consume unreasonable amounts of the herb to achieve the same health benefits as our concentrated products.[7]

Oil of Oregano is one must-have product for helping to keep your pace through this cold and flu season. It’s a convenient and effective part of any immune support strategy.


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